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Below Knee (Transtibial) Prostheses

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A below knee prosthesis consists of customized transtibial socket, adapters, tube and prosthetic foot. We offer different types of socket interface, such as pelite liner, silicone liner and pin-lock liner to increase your comfort.

We also provide different types of suspension system, such as below knee suspension belt, knee sleeve, pin-lock system and vacuum system according to your needs. Our prosthetist will also recommend the most suitable type of prosthetic foot according to your K level, ranging from static foot (SACH foot) - dynamic foot (carbon fibre foot) - bionic foot.


Socket - The connection between user’s residual limb and prosthesis leg. The Socket transfers user’s weight comfortably through the prosthetic leg to the ground. It is the most critical component/part of a prosthetic leg.

Liner - Interface between user’s residual limb and socket. It provides cushioning and makes the fit tight.

Tube - Attach socket to prosthetic foot (terminal device). This can be adjusted according to the user’s height.

Prosthetic Foot - Artificial foot is attached below the tube.

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