CTi's rigid carbon-fiber frame provides optimal protection and stabilization of the knee joint. CTi Custom is available in different models and can be further customized with numerous options.

Clinical Indication:

For knee conditions that may benefit from increased AP and ML stability around the knee, such as: ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary and combined instabilities.



ACL injury:

The rigid tibial component of the frame and upper cruciate strap stabilize the ACL, capture the tibia, and help to prevent anterior tibial translation.

MCL & LCL injury:

A 6-point support system stabilizes the MCL and LCL. 1’s indicate LCL support; 2’s indicate MCL support.

PCL injury:

The rigid femoral component of the frame and lower cruciate strap stabilize the PCL.

3 Different Model

Customized knee brace suits your preferences with variety of options, designs, colors and accessories.

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