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Riding a bicycle. Holding a cup of coffee.

Writing and typing.

The i-Limb® Quantum, a multi-articulating myoelectric hand prosthesis crafted with titanium digits for a 50% increase in carry load, with Vari-grip and Speed Boost features. With its five independently motorized fingers and powered thumb rotation, i-Limb Quantum can handle a wide range of daily activities.

i-Limb Quantum Features

  • Electronically rotating thumb, with manual override, automatically switches between lateral and oppositional grip patterns for optimum grip

  • Select from up to 36 different grips available, both preprogrammed and customized to suit users daily activities

  • Vari-Grip™ feature provides additional grip strength when applied

  • Auto-Grasp™ - anti drop safety feature to prevent objects from slipping out of grasp

  • Touch Care package offers warranty support for up to 5 years

  • Biosim™ and My i-Limb™ Apps for set up and personalization of grips and features

  • Multiple covering options available to suit individual lifestyles


i-Limb with Ossur 

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