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The Rebound PCL brace is designed to help optimize the healing process following posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) ruptures, both during functional (non-surgical) and post-surgical rehabilitation.

The PCL, compared to the ACL, has the intrinsic ability to heal and regain continuity after an injury. The PCL experiences variable tensile forces during knee flexion. Insufficient healing after a PCL rupture leads to significant pathologies, such as, chronic anterior knee pain or knee OA. 

Ossur Rebound PCL Knee Brace

    • The Dynamic Tension System™ (DTS) is designed to facilitate healing by increasing the load on the tibia as the knee goes through flexion, and providing an anterior drawer force necessary to decrease load on the healing posterior cruciate ligament (PCL).
    • Three shear knob options permit customisation of the biochemical correct posterior tibial load for each patient, and allow for adjustment, e.g. in case of swelling.
    • A polycentric hinge with extension and flexion stops allows for range of motion adjustment.
    • Lightweight brace with proprietary Sensil® silicone calf liner and doeskin thigh liner to reduce migration, while providing comfort to the user.
    • Posterior frame for optimised support, with open anterior for ease of donning/doffing.
    • Non-surgical treatment of PCL ruptures
    • Post-surgical rehabilitation for:
      •  Partial PCL tears
      • PCL reconstruction / augmentation
      • PCL revision
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