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ormfit® Ankle Brace with Speedlace stabilizes and protects the ankle from everyday activities. Its low profile, quick-lace design is comfortable and fits easily into shoes.

Ossur Form Fit Ankle Brace

    • FIGURE-8 STRAPPING - Unique heel-lock strapping system with lacing and straps ensure the brace conforms to the wearer to help limit range of motion for even greater support.
    • QUICK-LACE, SLIM-FIT DESIGN - Its low-profile design is lightweight, less bulky and fits easily into shoes for convenience and daily wear.
    • REMOVABLE STAYS - Inserts on either side provide even better support but may be removed for increased flexibility.
    • BREATHABLE FABRIC - The soft, stretchy fabric enhances comfort and continued wear by allowing heat and moisture to escape throughout the brace.
    • COMFORTABLE - Padded heel and tongue fabric is durable and provides added comfort.
    • Ankle injury rehabilitation/immobilization (Grade I/II sprains)
    • Support chronic instability
    • Prophylactic use
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