Ossur Miami TLSO 464

Ossur Miami TLSO 464


The Miami TLSO from Össur directly addresses the needs of patients and practitioners, simplifying preparation without compromising on fit or performance. This easy-to-use pre-assembled Miami TLSO brace offers three configurations in one. Easily applied in over the shoulder or underarm configuration, donning and doffing is further simplified with the conveniently located quick release buckles.

  • Features

    • ignificantly superior comfort and ease of donning/doffing.
    • Fully assembled for fitting with ease.
    • Accommodates heights 155–193 cm (5'1"–6'5")
    • Posterior thoracic extension option with ergonomic axillary strapping.
    • Step-down to an LSO as one progresses through rehabilitation.
    • One-touch telescoping anterior-thoracic extension option with single or double-hinge.
    • The convenience of a one-size Universal or individualize with a uniquely-sized anatomical design.
    • Improve comfort and immobilization with multiple strapping configurations and removable anchors.
  • Indications

    Conditions requiring gross immobilization of the thoracic and lumbar spine. Such conditions may include:

    •  Post-surgical immobilization
    • Spinal Support TLSO attachment is up to T7 
    • Spinal stenosis 
    • Herniated disc 
    • Degenerative spinal fractures 
    • Spondylolithesis 
    • Spondylolysis