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Miami LSO is a low profile, easy to use spinal orthosis designed for pain relief, protection of injured ligaments or muscles, and post-surgical immobilization. An additional options for modular support and an advanced pulley system with a legth-adjustable pulley cord. Miami LSO belt allows immobilization of spine at L1-L5, with additional poterior panel, the Miami LSO immobilizes S1-T9.

Ossur Miami LSO

    • Slim or standard width belts.
    • Universal belt that is discreet under clothing and promotes a breathable microclimate, helping to keep the skin cool and comfortable.
    • Intuitive, easy, tool-free fitting, while fold-over belt arms and Precise-Size vents enable quick adjustment directly on the user.
    • Posterior panel available in universal size to accomodate more patients with less inventory. Also available in contoured size models for a precise, anatomical fit.
    • Proven Miami double-pulley system with length-adjustable pulley cord.
    • Quick-Fit pocket enclosure and blue highlights for easy patient use.
  • Conditions requiring gross immobilization of the trunk in the lumbar region such as:

    • Stable, non-displaced spinal fractures (L1-L5)
    • Spinal stenosis
    • Herniated disc
    • Degenerative spinal pathologies
    • Spondylolysis
    • Spondylolithesis 
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