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The  waterproof protectors is comfortable, easy-to-use and reusable to protect casts and dressings. It has a flexible, self supporting seal which prevents the penetration of water to wound dressings, bandages and casts on the legs and arms during showering and bathing.


The  cover provides a significant quality of life improvement for the user. It is a non-sterile product and is primarily intended for use in the shower and bath.


Available in 4 sizes

  • Adult Half Leg Limb circumference: 35-54cm Length: 65cm
  • Adult Full Leg Limb circumference: 43-66 cm Length: 85cm
  • Adult Half Arm Limb circumference: 17.5-32 cm Length: 33cm
  • Adult Full Arm Limb circumference: 23-39 cm Length: 72cm

SPLOOSH Waterproof Cast Protector

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