The Prosthetic Liner Patch uses the patented GlideWear™ Technology to protect skin and strategically reduce the friction that causes hotspots and sores. Prosthetic Liner Patches absorb shear to protect amputees’ skin where it comes into contact with the prosthetic liner.

GlideWear Prosthetic Liner Patch

    • Get immediate relief from rubbing at painful points your residual limb comes into contact with your prosthesis.
    • Designed exclusively for below the knee (trans-tibial) amputees who are experiencing friction/shear-induced pain, redness, soreness, or rubbing on their residual limb.
    • Silk-like, two-ply breathable fabric prevents moisture and heat buildup against the skin. Stays in place all day long. Patented technology reduces friction 50-80% and protects skin.
    • Easy to use, durable, and machine washable. Just toss it in the wash with your other laundry. As seen in Amplitude magazine.
    • Works with most gel or silicone prosthetic liners. Sold 2 patches per package.
    • Also great for targeted skin protection for kids with epidermolysis bullosa.