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i-Limb Quantum

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

On 2nd until 4th November, we has spent 3 days for this project called 'i-Limb Project'. The first multi-articulated myoelectric hand prosthesis with i-Limb Quantum by The Prosthetic Company. This prosthesis also featured with a RevoFit adjustable socket and pinlock suspension.

In this project, we collaborated with our branch in Johor Bahru, Otto Prosthetic Centre for socket fabrication and assembly . Since the patient was a Singaporean, casting and fitting process were made by our senior Prosthetist and Orthotist in the prosthetic Company. While prosthesis fabrication was made by our colleague in JB branch, including assembly of the component.

With the supervision by Louis Bierman, our trainer from Ossur, we managed to complete this prosthesis within 3 days. We truly thanked to Louis for his help and knowledge in this training. We hoped this prosthesis will bring happiness to the patient and regain his functional activity.

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